• Turnkey (EPC) Project & System Consultancy
  • Preventive Maintenance & Service Contract
  • PLC, HMI & SCADA Programming
  • Preventive Maintenance & Service Contract
  • Control panel Fabrication & Installation
  • System Integration
  • On Site Support & Service
  • Distribution Control System (DCS)
  • Testing & Commissioning

Our core competences are as follows:

Preventive Maintenance & Service Contract

From our experience, we are convinced that routine preventive maintenance does increase machine up time and thus improve productivity.

Therefore, we also offer Service Contract that is designed according to your needs with the goal to reduce machine downtime by finding problems before it happens. Service Contract will cover your variable speed drives, AC & DC motors and other peripheral control equipment.

By having a routine preventive maintenance, it brings the following benefits:

  • Less machine breakdown
  • Predicted repairs are more easily scheduled
  • Machine operation is optimized to increase productivity

The Service Contract is custom design to fit customer needs. It can be one service day per month, or quarter, for a renewable period of one year. A maintenance logbook will be open, and spare parts list are compiled so that customer can plan their inventory for stock items and emergency breakdown. In addition, by checking and fine-tuning the accessible parameters of the control system components, this will ensure the control system are configured for optimum productivity.

Service Contract scope will cover the following

  • Review of machine control system performance
  • Suggest any improvements or upgrade for the machine based on the review
  • Clean the control panel and variable speed drives
  • Check motor resistance and connections
  • Verify all power connections
  • Verify power supplies for tolerance
  • Verify signal wiring, shielding properly terminated and tight connections
  • Recommend spare parts are purchased for components that are predicted to fail

PLC, HMI & SCADA Programming

Greenbulb Energy has experienced software programmers for PLC, Human Machine Interface (HMI) and SCADA software programming.

We have lot of exposure whether in Turnkey Project or Stand Alone System ranging from small machines to medium machines.

Below are some major brands that we commonly used:

PLC Siemens Simatic S7-200 and S7-300
Allen Bradley Compact Logix and Control Logix
Mitsubishi FX series and Q-series
HMI Allen Bradley Panel View
Siemens OP Panel
SCADA Iconics

Turnkey (EPC) Project & System Consultancy

Individual consultancy for your projects

You are about to launch a new project and want to get things done properly right from the start? Accordingly to our philosophy "from the line input to the drive" miscellaneous considerations have to be made before you can launch your project! With individual consultancies at your premises we support you to set the course right during this important step. Faults that have been made in the start up can be hardly (therefore expensive) removed at the end.

You have finished your first analysis just recently and got a bad result? Even in this situation, Greenbulb is a qualified partner to help you. We team up with you to develop practical solutions. Just in this often time critical project step it needs a fast and uncomplicated solution for the problem.

    Topics that may appear:
  • Drive layout (VFD, motor)
  • Parameterizing of variable frequency drives
  • Gear layout
  • Leakage current (e. g. RCD trips)
  • Fault clearance (EMC, filter)
  • Programming PLC
  • Installation rules to fit EMC standards (incl. filter layout)